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MyChart是一个安全的在线门户网站,提供有关您的医疗保健的信息,并将您与约翰霍普金斯医学保健团队联系起来. 安排预约、查看检查报告、支付医疗账单等等.
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使用MyChart移动应用程序在手机上管理您的护理. 查看消息、测试结果、有关药物和预约的信息等. 另外,你可以在不同的医疗机构之间快速切换.

Download the app today using the buttons below, 或者在App Store或Google Play上搜索“MyChart”. 下载应用程序后,从下拉菜单中选择“约翰霍普金斯医学”.

Benefits of MyChart

Manage your care on the go.

Download the MyChart mobile app.

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Communicate with your provider.

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Access your test results.

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Manage your appointments.

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Request prescription renewals.

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Receive and pay bills.

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Access another person’s health records.

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Have video visits from home.

Learn more about telemedicine.

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Send Your Provider a Message Through MyChart

You can send non-emergency medical questions to your providers through MyChart. 请注意,您的信息可能在3个工作日内无法读取



以下只是一些症状,你应该立即拨打911或去最近的急诊室. (Note: This is not a complete list.)

  • 胸痛或压力,心悸,呼吸短促或其他 symptoms of heart attack or other heart problems
  • 突然麻木、虚弱、神志不清、视力丧失、语言或平衡或其他问题 symptoms of stroke
  • 不明原因或恶化的呼吸短促,或其他呼吸问题

  • High fever
  • Intense or unexplained pain
  • 大出血或无明显原因的出血
  • 严重的伤害或创伤,包括深、大或严重的割伤
  • Possible fractures or broken bones
  • 任何其他你认为紧急的问题

Request and Download Health Records

Step One: Request Records


  1. Open the menu and search/select Sharing Hub.
  2. Choose Yourself.
  3. Choose Request a copy.
  4. Fill out the Request Copy of Health Record 表格,供你下载任何地点的纪录. 
  5. Once the request is processed, 您将在Document Center中收到一个文件准备就绪的通知. 根据请求的大小和类型,这可能需要几个工作日.

Step Two: Download Records


  1. Open the menu and search/select Document Center.
  2. Choose the Record Request option.
  3. Click Download on the recently requested record.
  4. Some documents may have a lock icon. 如果您将鼠标悬停在锁上,您将看到一个密码显示. 当您在计算机上打开该文件时,您需要输入该密码才能查看报告.

如果您的计算机上没有足够的空间来下载, 你可以向健康信息管理(HIM)部门索要你的记录. Instructions for that process can be found here.